Partner with Wendy’s to make money for your club or organization.

You get 15% of all sales during your event*
*Customers must mention that they are affiliated with your organization. Must bring a minimum of 100 customers to the event to qualify for funds.

Here’s how it works: Pick a day of the week to host for your event (Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm). Simply have friends and family stop by to eat at Wendy’s during your event time. It’s that easy. The more people that come and eat, the more money you make. Events are most successful when you have other activities going on at the restaurant. Here are some examples:

  • face painting
  • car wash
  • raffle
  • activities  (For example: if you are a soccer team, have team members displaying their skills)
  • Police K9 unit at the event
  • Radio station at the event
Be sure to advertise the event to your friends, family, neighbors and community.
  • send emails / texts / facebook / put up posters at the school / pass out flyers
  • announce the event at meetings or gatherings
  • contact your local newspaper / TV